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Happy Holidays from Damonte Ranch

I came home to the ranch the last week in November for some medical procedures and to refresh myself. I had my gallbladder removed on the 11th of December after waiting almost 19 years. It was everything I thought it would be. A pain in the ass. The last year of this role was interesting and lucky me, I got selected to enjoy yet another year with this customer. So in January it's back to St Louis for another summer of fun. I plan to start spending some weeks in New England being I'm 2/3 of the way there anyway. Tamara is finally feeling better and has been doing a lot around the ranch. The kids are in school and all is good. This area we live in is growing way too fast for us and we are exploring options to either build another house here or move out of Reno. Traffic is reaching a frantic pace never seen in Reno of the past. Houses are being built on every hill side and flat space. I love this place but I and going to have to consider else outside Washoe Valley.

Winter approaches

Well, the summer has flown by and winter is at my door. I am home for the remainder of the week doing fall chores to the house at the ranch in Washoe. The weather here has been warm for the most part giving me the opportunity to get some yard work done and the last dump dun of the season. I just had my 60th birthday last week (the primary reason for driving home) and this weekend I head back east in what should be the last road trip to St Louis for the year. The chances are even that this job will end in January but it could extend until April. This last year with this customer has been very taxing for both Tamara and myself. But the road trips back and forth have been awesome. I was in Denver 2 weeks ago and explored the area and the Boulder area. I am hoping for a role in the Boulder area but may work from home in the next year. I could use some time home for the next year but we will see what I find. This current role has been worth it to learn about this vendors product line but

Some of this summers excitement


Getting back on track

It's been more than a little while since I last posted a story on this blog. Lots of life changes and things have been very interesting if not a bit overwhelming.  Start a the top. Had a girl friend for 4 years with 2 children. We had great times and I loved raising them and am in close touch with them today. We had different life goals and split up a year and a half ago. Because my job at the time had a lot to do with my relationships I decided enough was enough and quit to seek new adventures. Life was stagnant and I needed change.  I left my old company last January to start with a new one in a role that required me to work in St. Louis Missouri.  My reasons for being in California ended and I comitted to aviod the state at all cost after the Paradise fires. My past burned up and there seems no reason to return. I bought a house in Reno in 2016 as my new homestead. I love the mountains and I love Nevada. Being close to Tahoe and the great Sierra is my dream.  In the spri

Pikes Peak


33000 ft over Utah


Rocky mountain high


Fun in Colorado


Missing You

My lovely wife is less than 7 days from a procedure that may transform her life. I am praying for her and will be heading home this Friday to spend the week with her during and after the procedure. Once she heals we have plans to explore the area from Chicago to New Orleans and the east coast this year.

AirBnB Adventures Contunied .... again

--> Well, I am about a dozen or so bookings in in several cities and I have to say I love it. I'll never go back to staying in hotels if I can help it. So many interesting places decorated in so many variations each according to the local vibe.  I  have really enjoyed staying in one periocular area in St Louis. Benton Park. Close to down town and the place I am currently staying at is so cool. One block from a Budweiser plant with entertainment an dining all around me. My wife is really going to love shopping for vintage good here.   I like this place downtown so much I have decided to book it for the month. The owner is a really cool musician in the local music scene 

Great thunder!

So this week we had a big deployment in Chicago. This meant I needed to find a place for a week it was close to the data center. It wasn't too difficult and I found an AirBnB 15 minutes from the data center. Very cute with all the amenities I need to survive here. A couple of things though. First, it's on the third floor. I have 2 suitcases and its very narrow. No biggie. Second, it's right off the runway of O'Hare. Wow! I mean it feels like I'm standing behind the plane. I once lived off the runway in Millington Tennessee when I was in the military. This is just like that. I live 5 miles from the airport back home so I'm familiar with the dull roar of jets. But this is off the hook. I feel like the owner should've put it in the description. Oh well, it was cheap and close. I guess you can't have everything.

Learning the World of AirBnB - Continued

--> Well I am now about 4 AirBnB stays so far and its going pretty well. I have learned a few little lessons like checking google maps for local eateries and attractions. The other is looking at the parking situation in the area the lodging is in.  All my hosts have been pretty great and I have been great. Some more communicative than others. I travel for business and sometimes plans change very quickly and AirBnB does not accommodate that too well and I have had to get a place in a hotel a time or two just because of sudden business changes. I tend to focus on the kitchen, lighting and relaxing accommodations. Lighting is super important to me. Most of these places have harsh lighting and I will shortlist places with good lightening. Softer and towards the yellow hue. Just my preference. Local shopping and attractions are important as is location safety. But in the downtown area’s of some cities it can be hit or miss. Overall I will keep using the se