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Learning the world of AirBnB

--> --> So this week was my first at an AirBnB. I travel a lot back and forth to various cities around the midwest such as Chicago and St Louis. My work has been chaotic recently and our schedules have been all over the map. I work for a major computer systems an storage company and support accounts with technical and integration issues for a period of time during and after purchase. Customers are driven by their own schedules and that impacts my schedule of where to be and how to support that stay. AirBnB is great for the weekly visits. Usually you can get a whole apartment or house for about half of the cost of a hotel. But man you need to really look at the places you want to book. The verbiage can be misleading and the categories are confusing. If I say I want a house, sometimes that can be construed as a room in someone’s house. And it might not be as nice or private as you wanted. I know myself I like to relax after returning from a site a