Getting back on track

It's been more than a little while since I last posted a story on this blog. Lots of life changes and things have been very interesting if not a bit overwhelming. 

Start a the top. Had a girl friend for 4 years with 2 children. We had great times and I loved raising them and am in close touch with them today. We had different life goals and split up a year and a half ago. Because my job at the time had a lot to do with my relationships I decided enough was enough and quit to seek new adventures. Life was stagnant and I needed change. I left my old company last January to start with a new one in a role that required me to work in St. Louis Missouri. My reasons for being in California ended and I comitted to aviod the state at all cost after the Paradise fires. My past burned up and there seems no reason to return. I bought a house in Reno in 2016 as my new homestead. I love the mountains and I love Nevada. Being close to Tahoe and the great Sierra is my dream. 

In the spring of 2018 I met someone who I am head over heals in love with. She was also from Tahoe. We got married after 9 months and made a few life changes.  

And after struggling for the first six months with the new contract's back and forth, Tamara and I decided to take an apartment in Des Peres for the next year as a temporary base of operations. We wanted to see Chicago and family and friends on the east coast for the next few years before I decide to retire. (If ever :) Additionally, Tamara got a new pain pump implanted in April's for here confition and is still trying to adjust to its presence in her body.

I was informed last month that this will extend into the next two years. Given that there isn't much work for what I do in the Reno area we decided to stay in the midwest until next year. The kids are in school in Reno so we decided to keep the house. We've been hoping I can find a role in Reno in the next year. No luck so far but I keep looking. 

All these life changes have consumed me for the last six months, hence no posts.

We have been making trips home about every month to two months for a week to two weeks at a time just to try to get things in order or keep them in order. My plans around laying grass and building a new porch of been pushed back. Living in an apartment her is much better than hotels and AirBnB's but it is a huge change from my house. I'm not used to being restricted in space way I am here. I'm also not used to not being around my kids and wife. 

Because of my work schedule, when my wife needs to go to the doctor I have to fly her back to Reno for a week or so. Sometimes these trips can last as long as a month. It's been very hard on us both, especially given the fact that we are newlyweds.

We have been trying to discover the best of St. Louis around us. We got to see the Cardinals play several ball games. We've gone to a few museums and have bought some awesome antique furniture we cannot wait to bring home. We also discovered the Ozzy Smith Stem Cell Center and are looking into Tam's options down that line. All in all, this is been an interesting experience. But I know there's more to come. 

We have winter at our back's, and last winter was atrocious. I am preparing for the last cross-country drive of the year. Stopping in Colorado and visiting family before winter stops our ability to drive across. Last year was a big snow year and the plains being green on my last trip across 2 weeks ago which was extremely odd. It has rained and been fairly cool the last few weeks with only a few hot days here in St Louis with constant flooding. I feel winter creeping in.

So in closing I commit to posting more even if it is a brief snip-it.



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