Winter approaches

Well, the summer has flown by and winter is at my door. I am home for the remainder of the week doing fall chores to the house at the ranch in Washoe. The weather here has been warm for the most part giving me the opportunity to get some yard work done and the last dump dun of the season. I just had my 60th birthday last week (the primary reason for driving home) and this weekend I head back east in what should be the last road trip to St Louis for the year. The chances are even that this job will end in January but it could extend until April. This last year with this customer has been very taxing for both Tamara and myself. But the road trips back and forth have been awesome.

I was in Denver 2 weeks ago and explored the area and the Boulder area. I am hoping for a role in the Boulder area but may work from home in the next year. I could use some time home for the next year but we will see what I find. This current role has been worth it to learn about this vendors product line but I and intersted to see other versions of the same solution.

Or I could do the next year in the midwest. Snow is moving into the St. Louis area where I base myself when I'm back east. Its close to Chicago and not too far from New Jersey, both place I frequent supporting this account. I see snow in Chicago and temp look cold for this trip.

The last few trips across country through the summer saw very wet and cool conditions. I was still seeing snow in the May to June timeframe. I have not see conditions like that in previous years. I have been doing this drive since 2000. This was a cool wet year and I get the feeling this winter will be as bad as last year if not worse. We'll see!  


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