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 We've been back and forth to Bend a few times this month for family stuff. We did a little kayaking before and during the trip.

Smoke rules the night

 Fires in the mountains areound us are turning the moon red. The sky’s over the last 2 weeks has been unreal.

Holly Hell! The shit has hit the fan!

When I last posted we were just getting sight of the Coronavirus and cases were popping up in Seattle and NYC. But you could tell the fire was lit. I had a neighbor in St Louis who came into the country and was tested positive but in the time before they got results had gone to a school dance and god knows where in town before they finally went into quarantine.  Less than a dozen cases on the St Louis area. I took that as a sign it was time to go home and sit this out until things got better. They have gotten worse and now people are getting antsy and are breaking quarantine. I believe the shit is really about to hit the fan in ways we have not imagined. This is not a cold virus. Not even close.  The way it infects and the damage it appears to do is unlike and influenza virus we have ever seen. It's also unlike a slew of other pandemics of the past in that there seems to be no acquired immunity! This makes a cure very difficult. Anyway, my dilemma is I have a work apartment in St L

Corona Hell!

What a year so far. I'm working another year on a contract that has me traveling a lot in the midwest. So I have an apartment here I travel to and stay in for weeks at a time. Its a central base for the work I do in NJ, Chicago and St Louis. All are under 10 hours to drive to so I can cut back on flying and I love my trips back to my home in Nevada near Carson City. This year I have driven through 2 blizzards, been rerouted across 2 states dues to highway closures and its looking like it will be a chilly drive across this time too. But that is nothing. Living in New England for 40 years seasoned me to white knuckle driving. But all the weather pales to this trip challenge. The Corona Virus pandemic. I have been in the middle of some really big Hyper Converged hardware installs in 2 states so I have tried not to panic about this but last nights declaration of emergency was a game changer. It's time to get out. Back home to my wife and family. There are no huge outbreaks in m