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Holly Hell! The shit has hit the fan!

When I last posted we were just getting sight of the Coronavirus and cases were popping up in Seattle and NYC. But you could tell the fire was lit. I had a neighbor in St Louis who came into the country and was tested positive but in the time before they got results had gone to a school dance and god knows where in town before they finally went into quarantine.  Less than a dozen cases on the St Louis area. I took that as a sign it was time to go home and sit this out until things got better. They have gotten worse and now people are getting antsy and are breaking quarantine. I believe the shit is really about to hit the fan in ways we have not imagined. This is not a cold virus. Not even close.  The way it infects and the damage it appears to do is unlike and influenza virus we have ever seen. It's also unlike a slew of other pandemics of the past in that there seems to be no acquired immunity! This makes a cure very difficult. Anyway, my dilemma is I have a work apartment in St L