Sorting Photos

I recently started sorting through 10 years of photos that I've stored on my computer. This has proven to be a daunting task just catalog in them nevertheless sorting them into groupings. I used Adobe Lightroom to initially re-import all of my old Apple photo catalogs. After losing my Mackintosh I moved over to a Lenovo carbon. I love the computer but my Time Machine back ups are now inaccessible now that I've moved off of the MacOS.

So I have Roughly 80% of my photos imported into Adobe. This is been a pretty big task. But a fun one when you consider I have to review photos from 10 years. I've been across the country several times and lived in the few states. Had a lot of experiences. As my photos start to take shape again I will start posting stuff from cross country.

Time was you sorted through boxes of pictures. Today you search clouds. Sign of the times.


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