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Time to Hit The Open Road

This month I bought a new toy. A Jeep Gladiator. I previously had a Toyota Tundra, one of 6 I owned over the last 20 years, but as life changes so do out needs. With more desert and overland trips and the prospect of hunting in some remote areas in the west, I opted for a vehicle that is better suited for my needs. I had for years planned on buying and hauling a trailer. But the storm of Covid buyers plus the weight limitations of the current Tundra models ruled me out. So I thought to myself, how do I actually use my truck mow days? Well, it seems we use if more in 4WD more than towing. Given that the decision was clear. Trade for a Jeep Gladiator and live with less towing capacity but more reliable off road use.  So here she is, the Black Dog. Named for my pup Bella the black lab/golden.