This morning laying in bed here in Virginia City, my mind cannot get away from the horrific events I have seen going on in Chico and Paradise. As the sun rises glowing red on the horizon the alpenglow reminds me of scenes of the fire as people struggled to escape the infernal hell all around them. 

The fire chased people from their home abandoning all they owned and loved, with the morning bringing tragic discoveries. The days slowly drag by as the fire pushes relentlessly northeast towards forest dear to me and my family. Reports that put the death toll at 25 poor souls greeted me this morning on the news and social media sites. More tragic tails of those overwhelmed in seconds. Most were never aware of the fire before it was over the top of them. Calfire and the NFS are throwing all they have at this fire, but weather and humidity are not favoring us quite yet. We are 3 days into the fire and it continues to advance toward Oroville.  

Meanwhile another huge fire burns in thousand Oaks.


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