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Some of this summers excitement


Getting back on track

It's been more than a little while since I last posted a story on this blog. Lots of life changes and things have been very interesting if not a bit overwhelming.  Start a the top. Had a girl friend for 4 years with 2 children. We had great times and I loved raising them and am in close touch with them today. We had different life goals and split up a year and a half ago. Because my job at the time had a lot to do with my relationships I decided enough was enough and quit to seek new adventures. Life was stagnant and I needed change.  I left my old company last January to start with a new one in a role that required me to work in St. Louis Missouri.  My reasons for being in California ended and I comitted to aviod the state at all cost after the Paradise fires. My past burned up and there seems no reason to return. I bought a house in Reno in 2016 as my new homestead. I love the mountains and I love Nevada. Being close to Tahoe and the great Sierra is my dream.  In the spri