Learning the World of AirBnB - Continued

Well I am now about 4 AirBnB stays so far and its going pretty well. I have learned a few little lessons like checking google maps for local eateries and attractions. The other is looking at the parking situation in the area the lodging is in. 

All my hosts have been pretty great and I have been great. Some more communicative than others. I travel for business and sometimes plans change very quickly and AirBnB does not accommodate that too well and I have had to get a place in a hotel a time or two just because of sudden business changes.

I tend to focus on the kitchen, lighting and relaxing accommodations. Lighting is super important to me. Most of these places have harsh lighting and I will shortlist places with good lightening. Softer and towards the yellow hue. Just my preference.

Local shopping and attractions are important as is location safety. But in the downtown area’s of some cities it can be hit or miss.

Overall I will keep using the service over renting an apartment for now. Comparable cost with less hassles with leases and such and it allows me to be more flexible. Besides, I have a house and I only need on “home” and that’s where my wife is. She enjoys and ability to travel with me too but she keeps the fort most of the time.

Next week I am in Chicago and got a place near O’Hare. My team and I are deploying a very large HCI and storage deployment over the week so there will be a lot of late-night work. I will defiantly want to have a place to relax.


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