Great thunder!

So this week we had a big deployment in Chicago. This meant I needed to find a place for a week it was close to the data center. It wasn't too difficult and I found an AirBnB 15 minutes from the data center. Very cute with all the amenities I need to survive here.

A couple of things though. First, it's on the third floor. I have 2 suitcases and its very narrow. No biggie. Second, it's right off the runway of O'Hare. Wow! I mean it feels like I'm standing behind the plane.

I once lived off the runway in Millington Tennessee when I was in the military. This is just like that.
I live 5 miles from the airport back home so I'm familiar with the dull roar of jets. But this is off the hook. I feel like the owner should've put it in the description.

Oh well, it was cheap and close. I guess you can't have everything.


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