Friday, February 22, 2019

Tamara's Fight

My beautiful wife Tamara has been fighting a very painful condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia as the result of one of five surgeries to remove tumors from her brain. The initial surgeries were successful in removing the tumors but the after effect has been more devastating that the tumors.

The most common orofacial neuropathic pain condition is trigeminal neuralgia, a disorder of the trigeminal or 5th cranial nerve, which causes sudden, severe shock-like pain in or around the face. Episodes typically last several seconds, though they can last up to two minutes, and may repeat in succession and throughout the day.

I have asked Tamara to tell her story to capture all that needs to be told about the fight she has endured against the insurance companies of Blue Shield of California, United Health Care and Providence healthcare. All 3 of these companies and denied her several times for a deep brain stimulator which in trials have shown a 70% or better relief for patients of her condition of neuropathic nerve pain.

So starting today Tamara will start telling us about her overall and daily challenges living with this pain.


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